Our Favorite Tech From CES 2018

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is in full-swing right now in Las Vegas. The largest technology trade show in the world brings out nearly every major company in the industry, all vying to grab the most attention for their latest and greatest innovations. While much of what is revealed at the show won’t make it to market in the near future, if ever, it is always an interesting look at what trends will be working their way into our lives, and which products we’ll all be clamoring for in the coming months and beyond. With thousands upon thousands of gadgets on display, it can all be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve whittled it down to a few of our favorites for you.

Samsung’s “The Wall” TV

samsung the wallDo you have room for a 146″ 4K TV in your home? Samsung has just the thing for you. Their new Micro-LED display is appropriately named The Wall. There is no price or release date as of yet, but the set is made up of a series of smaller, interconnecting panels that can be combined to make it whatever size suits your needs. So don’t worry if you can’t accommodate the biggest arrangement.

LG 65-inch Rollable OLED TV

lg rollable TVIf you’re not interested in having a television that dominates a large portion of your living room, whether or not it’s in use, then LG has unveiled the perfect option for you. This 4K television rolls into itself to hide away completely when turned off. It can also be partially unrolled to allow for a constant feed of information. It’s a novel concept that shows a lot of promise for people who don’t have the space for a home theater in their house.

Kohler Smart Bathroom Products

kohlerYou may not have thought you wanted Alexa to follow you into the bathroom, but Kohler is making a strong case for inviting her in. By adding Amazon’s digital assistant to nearly every aspect of the room, they allow you to ask her to fill you in on the day’s news and weather, remind you of appointments, adjust the lighting on the mirror, fill the tub, set the shower temperature, and even flush the toilet. They’re also offering up a smart kitchen faucet that can do things like dispense a precisely measured quantity of water for any recipes you might be working on.

LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator

lg fridgeKohler aren’t the only ones adding Alexa to everyday appliances. LG has brought her into their connected refrigerator. It can monitor both the freshness and quantity of food being stored inside, and then recommend a recipe based on what it sees. That can then be shared with a ThinQ branded oven which will set itself to the correct temperature, while Alexa will guide you through each step.

FoldiMate Laundry Folding Robot

foldimateThe laundry room is also in the crosshairs of the tech industry, with FoldiMate in particular offering up something unique. The company’s laundry folding robot eliminates what is many people’s least favorite part of doing the wash, neatly folding their clothes for them. At $1,000 however, it might be a tough sell for most.

Short Edition Short Story Dispenser

short editionThis unique vending machine has actually been available in France for a few years now, but the company is beginning to make a bigger push into other markets, like the US. The user simply selects if they need to kill 1, 3 or 5 minutes, and a story from the company’s library of over 13 million works dispenses automatically. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before this machine shows up in waiting rooms all over the country.

Razer Project Linda

prjoect lindaWith phones becoming more and more powerful, it kind of makes sense that we could use them to power a full computer. The idea has been floated around at CES in the past, but Razer has come up with the novel solution of using their phone as the trackpad in the setup. The laptop case is mostly just a shell, with the processing and speakers being handled by the phone itself. If more apps optimize for the experience, this could be a revolutionary product.

Travis the Translator


One of the truly fantastic promises of the future is being able to easily communicate with anyone from anywhere. This handheld device brings that promise to life. You select the 2 languages you’re translating between, and then speak into the device. It will translate what you said and speak it out loud, and then do the same for the response. This could be a major help for anyone who spends a good deal of time travelling abroad.

LinkSquare Spectrometer

linksquareThis little device packs a lot of functionality. One simple scan can reveal whether food has spoiled, if the pill you’re about to take really is what it says it is, or even how well a plant’s growth has been progressing. With an API available for anyone to develop their own programs for it, the uses are seemingly endless.

Merge 6DoF Blaster

mergeOf course, sometimes tech is good for having plain-old fun, and that’s precisely what this augmented-reality toy gun from Merge purports to offer. You simply slot your phone into the dock on the top, and then take aim at alien enemies scattered around your environment. Reports from the show floor suggest that the included game is a lot of fun, and with rumors being that it will be pretty inexpensive when it launches this Summer, this could be one the year’s hottest toys.

Kate Spade Smartwatches

kate spadeThe New York fashion house has become the latest to join the rather impressive list of designer brands releasing Android Wear watches via the Fossil Group (others include Michael Kors, Diesel, Armani, and Skagen, also new this year). Compatible with both Android and iOS phones (though limited in functionality when paired with the latter), it’s a great-looking blend of fashion and technology.

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