New Items Available at the Library!

500600_vw_etz00_1023606432.jpgOver the past year we have been adding all sorts of exciting new products for Avalon residents to borrow. We’ve made wifi hotspots, blu-ray players, Roku streaming boxes, bakeware, Legos, games, STEM toys, and even a metal detector available. Today we are excited to announce that we are going to be expanding our Library of Things even further! Check out the list below to see all of the exciting items we are adding this Winter, and be sure to keep an eye out for what we add next!

AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector

This handy little projector will allow you to enjoy your favorite video content on the go. Plug it in wherever you need it, or go wireless with up to an hour of battery charge. You can watch content directly from a flash drive or microSD card, or plug another device in using the HDMI, mini VGA, and Composite A/V ports.

Portable Projection Screen

Do you need something to project your video onto? Whether you are using our projector or your own, this tabletop screen is just what you need. Versatile and easy to use in smaller spaces.

Vivitar Action Camera – COMING SOON

This kit includes everything you need to capture all of your most exciting moments. With the included waterproof case and helmet attachments you can record yourself on wheels, water, wings, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

Selfie Stick – COMING SOON

Sometimes you need a little help to get that perfect shot, which is where this handy little gadget comes in. Strap your phone or camera on one end and hold on to the other to capture some truly incredible footage. But remember to watch where you’re going!

Literati Challenge Game

This fun party game challenges players to write a short story in only 90 seconds, using 5 mandatory words, whether they know the definitions or not. Can you bluff the other players into thinking your usage of the words is correct? Check out this gladdening amusement and ascertain the answer!

An Evening of Murder: A Feast to Die For Game

Host your own murder mystery dinner party with this fun game! Inside the box you will find everything you need including an audio CD to kick things off, character profiles with clues and backgrounds for 8 guests, name tags, costume suggestions, instructions, and even an optional themed dinner menu. So invite some friends over and see who can solve the mystery!

Speck Air Quality Monitor –  COMING SOON

Are you curious about the air that you breathe in your home? Simply plug in this device and learn all sorts of information about your home environment. It measures fine particulate matter to help you figure out what is contaminating your air. Is it your vacuum, the stove, or a household cleaner? Check the levels after using any of these and find out!

Electricity Usage Monitor – COMING SOON

Have you been wondering just how much of your monthly electric bill a particular appliance is using? Unplug the appliance, plug this device into the outlet, and then plug the appliance into the monitor and it will immediately begin tracking the power usage. You can then use that information to figure out where your money is going and begin to plan what you can do about it.

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