Need A Summer Blockbuster? Look Online!

With movie theaters in our area (and across most of the country) still closed, the usual slate of Summer blockbusters has been shifted as far away as 2021. So what are you supposed to watch? Luckily for all of us, over the past few weeks, streaming services have released several buzzy films that should help to fill the gap. Here are some highlights.

Hamilton on  Disney+

This film assembled from recordings of 2 Broadway performances and a couple of close-up restagings brings the experience of seeing most of the original cast live on stage right into your living room. And thanks to the expert camerawork and editing, it’s in a seat that is better than anything available in the theater. If you haven’t heard any of the music from this entirely sung and rapped musical, just know there isn’t a dud to be found in the nearly 3 hour runtime, and it is paired with wonderful choreography and performances. A genuine treat, and definitely the Summer’s must-see movie. ★★★★★

Watch it here.

The Old Guard on  Netflix

Charlize Theron heads up a refreshingly diverse cast in this smarter-than-average comic book thriller about a small group of fighters with near-immortality. The action is bloody and thrilling, but this movie really shines because it allows us time to become invested in the characters. The plot is interesting, and leaves the viewer with plenty to chew over, but the film truly stands out in the ways it breaks new ground for the genre, and for big-budget American filmmaking. ★★★★

Watch it here.

Palm Springs on  Hulu

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti head up this high-concept romantic comedy as 2 people who find themselves stuck reliving the same day over and over, ala Groundhog Day. It’s a clever twist on the formula, with several laugh-out-loud moments, and a lot of heart (and a dash of indie-film weirdness). The excellent cast helps to further elevate this Summertime treat. ★★★★

Watch it here.

The Beach House on  Shudder

This small scale apocalypse features a genuinely creepy demise for humankind. A young couple steals away to a family beach house, only to find it already occupied by another couple who claim to be old family friends. The foursome winds up bonding over dinner, only to have the good times interrupted when a strange mist begins rolling in off the water. As you can guess, things go downhill pretty quickly from there. Generally light on gore (aside from one hands-over-eyes worthy scene), it instead relies on a lingering sense of dread and some genuinely tense moments to deliver the chills. ★★★★

Watch it here.

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