Google’s “Deep Dream” and Why It’s So Weird

Google has been working on image recognition software for computers. The idea is that you can upload a photo and the computer would then be able to understand what is in the photo, rather than just understanding that it is a photo.

Without going into too much detail, the computer tries to make assumptions based on shapes it notices in the photo. Since we are in the very early stages of this software being developed, there has obviously been some mistakes. These mistakes created Google’s Deep Dream Generator.


The above image was an image of a knight riding a horse. What Google did was tell the computer to look for “Dogs” in the photograph. Google’s software then edited the photo to find shapes that might be dogs. Obviously, there are no dogs in this photo. Google’s software manipulated the image to add “dog shapes” into the photo.

This software is very interesting and should amount to something incredible in the future. For now though, we’ll keep having fun making images super trippy! Click here to generate your own “Deep Dream” images! When you create your images, be sure to share them with us!!

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