AFPL App of the Week: Sunrise Calendar

We here at the Avalon Free Public Library dedicate ourselves to making sure our patrons are aware of the amazing possibilities that come with technology. As part of that dedication, we are going to be putting together a weekly post about our favorite App we used during the week! So without further ado, let me present Sunrise!

You’re probably really used to your calendar application and you’re probably not thinking about switching. It makes sense, your whole life is on that calendar, you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of putting in all of your calendar events again. What if I told you that Sunrise can take your calendar and sync it with its system? And that you can also sync other calendars such as holidays, sports schedules, and your Facebook friend’s birthdays without worrying about entering any information? Not to mention it provides a Morning, Noon, and Night weather forecast so you know what kind of weather to expect.


When I first opened Sunrise, I synced it with my Google, Facebook, and iCloud accounts. This allowed Sunrise to compile a calendar using my Google Calendar events, iCal events, and my Facebook friends birthdays and events. After that, I synced it with some of Sunrise’s 25,000 ‘Interesting Calendars’. These calendars include but are not limited to holidays, sports schedules, and moon phases. In addition to the special calendars, it also syncs with your To-Do list applications as well. Apps such as Evernote, Todoist, and Trello can all sync their calendars and reminders to Sunrise so everything is in one place!


THE POINT: If you’re someone who needs a calendar to keep everything straight, this is a great calendar to start with. If you use a bunch of different calendars and you want to sync them all in one place, Sunrise is your answer. Overall, the developers over at Sunrise did a great job of creating a calendar application that does more than expected. With Sunrise, you can float back and forth seamlessly between your apps and you know that your calendar is always up to date.

More information: Sunrise Blog

Website (also a web calendar application): Sunrise Calendar

Available for Apple and Android devices.

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