Sailboat on beach in Avalon New Jersey on April 14

Sailboat Runs Aground Over Night

A sailboat ran aground in Avalon sometime during the night of April 13 or early morning of April 14. We went to the scene and captured this footage which indicates that the boat had been present through at least one high tide already and had taken on a considerable amount of water, causing it to sink into the sand. The owner was not anywhere near the boat and so far it appeared that no efforts had been made to remove it from the beach.

EDIT 4/14/22 1:26PM: The Cape May County Herald is now reporting that the boat had become unmoored overnight while the owner was asleep on board. After running aground he was able to exit the boat and leave the beach on his own accord.

EDIT 4/14/22 8:01PM: Sea Tow Cape May reports that the occupant of the boat had been rescued by the Avalon Police Department shortly after coming ashore, and that the vessel itself was removed by land by Sea Tow in conjuction with Northstar Marine after having suffered catastrophic damage to the hull.

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